Archeox: The East Oxford Archaeology & History Project

As of 31 May 2015, the funded activity programme for the Archeox Project has ended. Whilst sad to conclude the project, we are delighted with its results and celebrate five years of wonderful and exciting research and community activity. The finds have now been archived permanently at Oxfordshire County Museums Service, and we are working on a book about the project which contains many contributions from, and sections written by, volunteers as well as the project team.

We planned from the start to be an example of a community research project which finishes all the work it started (and we started a lot!), and leaves nothing behind which is unpublished, not properly reported upon, unarchived, or otherwise a problem for the future.

We are aiming to keep up high levels of interest in East Oxford’s heritage and stay in touch with people from our many hundreds of volunteers who are able to carry it forward into the future.

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Do you live in, or are you interested in, the east or south-east of Oxford? Have you ever wondered how your surroundings got to be the way they are?

Central Oxford is famous as an ancient University city. But the history of East Oxford is also fascinating. We are looking at Prehistoric sites, Romano-British pottery industries, a medieval leper hospital, civil war defences, and also later development from a farming landscape to housing and industry. Since 2010 we have been doing excavation and geophysics:

  • dealing with all kind of finds, maps and other evidence
  • specialist computer programmes and landscape surveying using the latest equipment.

There is something for everyone who has an interest in the past of their local place. You can join in at different levels, whatever your age or educational background, for different lengths of time and to learn specific skills.

The East Oxford Project wants to uncover the past of your area, working with local people. However ordinary your surroundings might appear, there’s a story waiting to be discovered.

If you would like to know more or if you want to get involved, please Register on the site.

Recent news

Radiocarbon dates from Bartlemas Chapel and Donnington Recreation Ground

Posted: 5 Apr 2014

Bartlemas Chapel

You will all probably remember that before the Project’s investigations almost nothing was known about the burials at Bartlemas. We know now that dozens of people must be buried around the Chapel, within the old curving enclosure…